Ski Instructor Livigno offers a wide range of ski lessons.

Ski lessons for adults, beginners and experts, for children also from their first experience on the snow thanks to the figure of a well qualified instructor with a psycho-pedagogic education.

Ski Instructor Livigno looks for the experience that better fits with your demands and your desires and wants to offer not only a technical customized teaching but also the most suitable motivational support.

Lessons for adults (+14 years old)

  • Individual course
    • Every day, for some hours to define, from 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m
    • Individual lessons enable you to follow carefully the progresses of every single learner.
    • The teaching method is developed from each characteristic and requirement.
    • The aims are quickly and easily reached.
  • Collective course
    • Minimum 3 maximum 8 people.
    • 2 hours per day and for 6 days (From Sunday to Friday).
    • Time slot: from 10.30 a.m to 12.30 a.m or from 2.30 p.m to 4.30 p.m
    • Is available till Monday to join a started group.
    • The technical- didactic method lets everyone to get involved gradually in the group from a basic to an upper level of difficulty.
    • The time dedicated to help the learners to improve their technique will be the same for each participant.
    • Collective courses are a great occasion to know other people with the same passion, to make friends and having fun not only on the ski slopes but in happy hours, dinners in good company.

Family and friend’s lessons

  • Minimum 3 people
  • The teaching tries to balance the level of the whole group.
  • Also for family and friends lessons is possible to ask the instructor more hours to the learners that needs more time to learn the technique.
  • Parents and sons have the opportunity to share a wonderful adventure on the snow: the whole family together with the same ski instructor.
  • Is a fantastic occasion to stay with your friends in high height and learning skiing while having fun in a funny challenge thanks to the wise help of a private instructor.
  • Is a funny experience for an unforgettable holiday with your beloved.

Children lessons

Individual or collective courses ( min 5 max 8 children).

Also suggested to children with less than 5 years old.

  • 3-5 years old
    • The lessons are addressed to little children, the skiers of tomorrow.
    • The ability of the instructor to awake interest and curiosity is the key of the teaching method.
    • Children of this age begin to develop the inclination to coordination and to do spontaneous movements. This thing can be evolved in the learning of precise movements which constitute the basis of ski technique.
    • At this age, skiing is a gameand it simplifies the learning ability. The trust in their own instructor lets the children emulate his movements and reach the first and most important result: to keep the balance on the skis.
    • Children need to see the physical movements that they have to do with a demonstration and without an abstract explanation.
  • 6-10 years old
    • The game technique also used to little children is the basis of the teaching method but in this age children are already keen on understanding the essential rudiments of the technique.
    • The instructor both explains and shows the movements in order to let the children understand easily.
    • In a funny atmosphere this course lets the children practice more and more difficult exercises.
  • 11-14 years old
    • After 10 years old, when the child is able to understand abstract concepts, it is possible to introduce technical elements to make the game more complete and funny and convert it in a true sport activity.
    • The ski instructor explains the technique in a more detailed form and asks the learners to work harder to reach their aims.

Levels and teaching techniques


Those who haven’t put before the skis on their feet or that tried a snowplough without succeeding can be considered ski beginners.

Ski slope’s typology: plain

Using a progressive learning method, the aims of the course are:

  • knowledge of the technical alpine ski equipment
  • learning of the warm-up exercises
  • coordination and ability to keep the balance on the skis
  • slipping, snowplough curve, turn, curve with the upstream tail opening


For those who have already taken a chairlift or a ski lift and are able to control the speed on plain ski slopes curving of different range can be considered intermediate skiers.

Ski slope’s typology: green, blue

Aim of the course, in a gradual progression:

  • ability to change leg position (flexion/extension) and to control the strain of the feet on the snow (compression) while shifting weight from one ski to the other
  • coordination between upper (balancing) and lower limb movement ( rotation, leg bending, leg relaxation, angulation)
  • basic elementary curve with the tail closing in the middle curve with the highest inclination approaching the legs
  • basic curve (ski parallelism, without translation or angle).


Those who can ski on red or black ski slopes, controlling the speed on curve of different range and in parallel, can be considered advanced skiers.

Ski slope’s typology: green, blue, red, black

Aim of the course, gradual progression:

  • learning of every different technique with gradualness and constant angulation without careening: parallel, zigzag, wedel, short range, carving curve ( on middle range on minimum and maximum inclination), freeride curve, skiing on jagged ground and ski jumping
  • application of the different techniques on different ground and snow types

Competitive Level

Those who have a complete technical knowledge and the speed control on every ski slope and who are interested in competing in closed race time competition, deal with the competitive level.

Ski slope’s typology: every + closed circuits

Aim of the course:

  • learning of the alpine ski techniques: slalom, big slalom, super big slalom and downhill skiing

Suggestions and security recommendations

You don’t have to be afraid or to be shame of ask me personally your questions or in make me participate of your doubts, curiosities or perplexities. It will be my precise commitment answering to all your requests.

  • Skiing on trodden and dedicated ski slopes adapted to own level (see the map reachable at the starting station)
  • Don’t go out of trodden ski slopes without a professional ski instructor
  • Monitoring the weather report for knowing the state of ski slopes (visiting the web site Livigno)
  • Rent the technical equipment from qualified staff
  • Before the skiing holiday, develop a good training (aerobics, explosive forces, resistant forces and elasticity, stretching, proprioception)
  • Before skiing, make some warm-up exercises
  • To face a skiing day, have a good breakfast, drink a lot and bring always a bottle of water with you
  • It is important to know where you are: bring always a map in order to simplify the rescue in case of difficulties.

Effective discount during the offseason

For all the friends who book almost 2 months before their holidays in Livigno in a specified period, I will apply a sale rateof 10%. If the holidays and my proposal have reached your satisfaction and you come back to see me the following year, we will give you a discount of 15%!.

Luxury package

This offer faces to customers that are dreaming about a holiday without thoughts and worries, but who want also to be certain to get an evident and significant improvement of their technique and style by the end of the holiday. Generally activities take place from Sunday to Friday; but is possible to reach an agreement on a different coordination of this holiday with the organizers. People who join this package will benefit of the current services:

  • The organization provides a transport service for people from their arrival at the airport (Milan Malpensa and Linate, Bergamot Orio al Serio, Zurich) to Livigno; and vice-versa at the end of the holiday from the airport to the departures of the flights.
  • Every morning there are transports from the residence to the ski slopes. At the end of the day is also provided the return.
  • When required, ski instructors are available also during the day if it is necessary, for example: choice of the technical equipment or clothing in the best shops of the area; suggestion of shops, restaurants, discos, clubs, bars near the ski slopes, sea worlds and excursions in the proximity, for example to the Bormio Spa.
  • I am on the ski runs from the arrival of the first client (usually at 8.30 am) to the closure of the ski facilities at the 5.00pm. In this time-frame my job is dedicated exclusively to the friends of the luxury package.

My schedule

In the winter season I am available from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. So, for organizational reasons, I divide the participants into 3 groups: private groups, collective groups, families and group of friends with the following range of activities:

  • Private groups:lessons will take place every day. I follow every apprentice individually for 50 minutes that we can decide to schedule during the working day depending on the customer needs and on my professional commitments. According to my experience it’s better to take 1 hour lesson in order to improve the educational technique.
  • Collective groups:I teach in collective lessons from Sunday to Friday with the duration of 2 hours (from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 am, and from 2.30 p.m. to 16.30 pm). The choice of the following lessons: in the morning or in the afternoon, can be decided with every group.
  • Families or group of friends:lessons take place every day, in the hours previously agreed according to my professional commitments or to the needs of the group components. Classes have a minimum duration of 2 hours, that could be raised according to the needs of the customer.


Private lessons

Hour/person +1 person
Euro 42 Euro 10

Collective groups, families and group of friends

3 days/person 4 days/person 5 days/person

Euro 80

minimum 3 people
maximum 8 people

Euro 105

minimum 3 people
maximum 8 people

Euro 130

minimum 3 people
maximum 8 people

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Equipment and accessories

  • Which kind of equipment do we need?
  • Can ski stuff be rented?
  • Can we bring our ski equipment?
  • Which are the most suitable sunglasses for the protection against the sun and the wind?
  • Is it binding to wear helmets?


  • Which is the most appropriate clothing?
  • Which type of jackets and pants do you suggest to tackle the different temperatures of the winter season?
  • Which technical underwear is advised to increase thermal insulation and to maintain the body temperature?
  • Is it correct to wear tights or are ski socks enough ?
  • Do we have to wear a beret?
  • Which are the best gloves?

Rally point

  • What is the rally point for ski classes?
  • Does the teacher takes us from the residence/hotel?