Are you looking for a new unforgettable experience on the snow? Are you searching for a unique atmosphere in the middle of the Alps?
Ski Instructor Livigno is your guide to discover alpine skiing.

Teaching: We are well prepared to give ski lessons because we achieved these skills in the past years in the best Resorts all over the world. We make available our highly qualified knowledge of the discipline in order to let you obtain a more satisfying skiing technique or improve your way to do this extraordinary sport! T
P Passion: Since we were little we have loved the snow-clad mountains and we have been dedicating years to know their secrets. We think that skiing is a way of life, a powerful emotion that we want to share with you!.
Fun: We offer our customers a new experience that consists of a new technique of learning. For us skiing is energy at the highest level and we want you to have fun being in contact with nature!. F
R Relax: we are surrounded by a wonderful valley with a breathtaking view of the Alps. If you are not into competitiveness and extreme performances aren’t for you and you just want to relax, we offer you the unique opportunity to admire the fantastic panorama from a new perspective: with the skis on your feet!

Livigno is one of the most famous among the touristic sites on the Alps and is wide known for its ski slopes and high qualified services.

The ski slopes have never been so close to you!

Ski Instructor Livigno offers on request a service that takes you from/to the airport of Zurich, Milan and Bergamo.

Your ski instructor is always with you!

Ski Instructor Livigno offers a free hostess service to accompany you from your hotel/residence directly to the ski slopes.

Video-Selfie experience!

Ski Instructor Livigno offers on request a video making of your ski lessons, giving you the possibility to watch and analyze your performance with your ski instructor planning the steps forward to improve your technique.

Accessory isn’t optional!

Also technology innovation needs its part. To make your experience on the mountains comfortable and safe Ski Instructor Livigno offers you for free a consultation on the technical skiing material that better fits you and is able to give some advice about the best shops in Livigno to buy it.